About Us

[service_horizontal_nd color=”violet” asettings=”yes” shape=”nicdark_radius_circle” cuticon=”1″ title=”SERVICES:” description=”• Domestic Ticketing
• International Ticketing
• Asian & Domestic/Local Group
Tour Packages
• Leyte – Samar Tour Guiding
and Chartered Tours ” icon=”icon-plane”]
[service_horizontal_nd color=”green” asettings=”yes” shape=”nicdark_radius_circle” cuticon=”1″ title=”SERVICES:” description=”• Passporting and Visa Assistance
• Planning and Reservations
• International and
Local Long Distance Call
• Worldwide Hotel Reservations ” icon=”icon-doc-text”]
[service_horizontal_nd color=”violet” asettings=”yes” shape=”nicdark_radius_circle” cuticon=”1″ title=”SPECIALIZES IN:” description=”• Educational Tours and Lakbay Aral
Other Services include:
• Documentation
• Car Rental
• Event Planning and Coordination
• Travel Insurance ” icon=” icon-cubes”]


Have you ever wondered why there are not enough services to organize travel and tours with a creative edge? Do you have always had to make do with the services available or travel great distances for setting up a get-away that pleases you?


is a very highly promising agency which provides innovative and customer service – oriented travel and similar services.​

Its establishment has been inspired to offer travel services that will promote Region Eight and encourage travelers and students from other regions to come and visit us and discover our various historical wonders and amazing tourist destinations and to experience and explore outbound destinations.

This aspiration to open a business will have as its core value the very high standards of customer service – sensitive and responsive to the unique demands of meticulous clients. VIAJE HOLIDAYS has been named as such to inspire people to enjoy the pleasures of travel, adventure and discovery – not only of places, but also of people.​

Composed of four young dedicated travel experts with with extensive travel experience, we provide the great escapades and vacation you are waiting for! It’s about time to travel!

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VIAJE HOLIDAYS sees itself as the LEADING Travel Services Business in Tacloban City to maintain very high standards of customer service and to promote the extraordinarily beautiful Region Eight.

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VIAJE HOLIDAYS is committed to inspire other businesses to incorporate among its values the exceptional standards of customer service.​

VIAJE HOLIDAYS is committed to inspire other
businesses to incorporate among its values the
exceptional standards of customer service.​

● To continually acquire skills and resources in order
to effectively handle all aspects of travel to meet
its clients’ unique needs and interests.

● To cater excellent and innovative travel planning
and customized travel arrangements at friendly
and reasonable prices.

● To represent and work with the finest airlines,
credible wholesale tour operators luxurious hotels and
resorts and reliable car rental companies.

● Continuously provide enjoyable quality
excursions/trips on time and on budget.

● Establish a market presence that assures short-term and long-term profitability, growth and success.

[title_nd tag=”h2″ align=”center” title=”Viaje Holidays Travel Services Staff” color=”#000099″][title_nd tag=”h2″ align=”center” title=”Marasbaras Main Branch” color=”#000099″][divider_nd size=”small” align=”center” color=”#000099″]
[team_horizontal_nd color=”violet” title=”DONNA FE “DONS“ A. BATAN” image=”3619″ description=”OPERATIONS MANAGER”]
[team_horizontal_nd color=”violet” title=”MICHELLE “MITCH” B. CABANATAN” image=”3620″ description=”CASHIER & ACCOUNTING OFFICER”]
[team_horizontal_nd color=”violet” title=”TERESA “TESS” M. COSTELO” image=”3621″ description=”INBOUND & OUTBOUND HEAD OFFICER”]
[team_horizontal_nd color=”violet” title=”LEDESSE “LEDS” M. SALE” image=”3625″ description=”VISA & DOCUMENTATION OFFICER”]
[team_horizontal_nd color=”violet” title=”JEMARIE “JEM” C. DUMANGAS” image=”3626″ description=”SALES & MARKETING OFFICER”]
[team_horizontal_nd color=”violet” title=”LEAH JANE “JANE” CORNEJO” image=”3627″ description=”RESERVATIONS STAFF (TRAINEE)”]
[team_horizontal_nd color=”violet” title=”RUBY “RUBS” E. SANTIAGO” image=”3634″ description=”LIAISON STAFF (TRAINEE)”]
[title_nd tag=”h2″ align=”center” title=”Downtown Branch” color=”#000099″][divider_nd size=”small” align=”center” color=”#000099″]
[team_horizontal_nd color=”violet” title=”MARGIE “MARJ” L. ECOT” image=”3631″ description=”SUPERVISOR”]
[team_horizontal_nd color=”violet” title=”MA. ANGELES “LESLIE” G. TABAYOYONG” image=”3632″ description=”RESERVATIONS OFFICER”]